Dream of the Endless

I’ve always loved the high drama and stark shadowing of graphic novels. One in particular that bedded in my mind was the classic ‘Sandman’ series by Neil Gaiman and eventually I got round to ordering the first four volumes in the collection.


The hero is Dream, from a family of eternal principles including Destiny, Desire, Death, Delirium and so forth. Their family name is the Endless.

For no reason that I can recall, a small panel on one of the pages jumped out at me, so I took it as a starting point to experiment with the genre as a small oil sketch, with the result above.

It clearly hit a nerve in the collective unconscious as it was sold the first week on display, parts of the paint still wet, and I liked the subject enough to commit it to a full size stretched canvas.

It came together amazingly fast, with only the facial features needing more modelling over the next week or two to get the mood I wanted.

Dream WIP
Dream, of the Endless. Oil on canvas 140×90 cm 

The little coloured bubbles in the sketch filled out into strange creatures from dreamspace. Along the way a fossil became an odd bird, a fish sprouted biplane wings, and some vertical marks suggested a cityscape in the clouds.

Currently this is my favorite of the large pieces currently still available, and I plan to play in this dream-like fantasy space some more.


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