The Jellyfish Touring Co

There’s  an amazing photo essay in The Atlantic of the Rohingya making a living fishing while in exile in Bangladesh. You can see that article here.

It’s a tale of desperate people but I was struck by the dreamlike elegance of their boats, and it set off a series of somewhat fantastical oil sketches based on the boat design. The first acquired the services of a huge jellyfish towing the boat through the sky, and it became The Jellyfish Touring Company…

Jellyfish Tours

This was followed up by another stop on the tour, this time floating along a river past some equally fantastical features in the landscape.

Earth Pyramids

Although it seems I made up the bizarre towers they are in fact a real feature of a real place in Italy, and they’re called Earth Pyramids. You can see another photo essay of them here.

To complete the series I returned to my original thought to accompany the boat, an enormous full moon, which I’d rejected as too obvious. But in the end I caved in to the power of the image, even if it’s a little corny:

Moon fishing

These have all been sold, but I may still return to the JTC in a future full size piece.



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