Some more sketches


This guy just came off the production line. The previous turtle I did,  the close up on the right, was quite realistic and this time I wanted more raw paintwork.

What is it about turtles? Something in those eyes, dreaming eternity…


Speaking of dreaming, this is The Sandman, AKA Dream, of the Endless. He’s a classic graphic novel character by Neil Gaiman, and I used one of the panels in the book to experiment with the genre.

Must have hit that hidden dark spark within people because it got sold immediately.

Ms at Mic

What’s nice about sketches is that I never really know where they’re going to end up. This started life as a digital ad that featured a crazy hairdo. It stuck in my mind and emerged from there as a seriously mad hair day.

It was hanging about in my work space and at one point an audio cable fell across the front which gave the idea of a microphone. Or a carrot. Or a fish.

The yellow square appeared from a different direction and held the pieces together.

I tried it out as a fish for a bit but it looked silly so it stayed as microphone. Also the mic now looks a bit like a hand grenade. A sort of unintended social statement.


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